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These have a rounded edge suitable for the leading edge of steps or for and around swimming pools.


Cove Tiles

One edge a concave raidius, used to form junction between the bottom wall course and the floor to form in inside corner.


Exterior Tiles

Tiles suitable for outdoor applications because of their slip resistance.


Grout Joint

Space between tiles to be filled with grout. This space may be narrow or wide depending on the required installation, type of tile and/or aesthetics. Epoxy grouts consist epoxy resin and expoxy harder, made to impervious to stains and chemical resistant.


Floor Tiles

Tiles durable enough to withstand traffic and abrasion.


Glazed Tile

Glassy opaque or transparent coating fired or fused onto the ceramic tile body, creating a smooth, impermeable surface.


Glazed Porcelain

Popular type of floor tile. Made from porcelain clays but glazed for aesthetic effect creating dense strong tiles.



When laid, lippage is the condition where one edge of a tile is higher than an adjacent tile.



Semi polished glazed porcelain tiles suitable for floors and walls.


Porcelain Tiles

Characterized by a dense and impervious body generally made uing the dust pressed method.


Rectified Tiles

Typically exhibit a very square edge, cutting or grinding the edges of the tile allowing the dimensions and squareness to be precisely controlled. Rectified are installed with minimal grout lines.


Non Rectified Tiles

Also called "cushion edge" non rectified tiles are traditional tiles with rounded edges. Generally cheaper to lay than "rectified tiles".


Slip Resistant Tiles

Tiles treated to prevent slipping either by adding abrasive grit to the glaze or texture to the design of the tile surface.



Traditional clay used to produced unglazed generally extruded and 12mm thick or more. Also called quarry tiles.


Wall Tiles

A tile suitable for use on walls. not suitable for floors.